The Institute of Business Development is the leading global professional body for Business Development Professionals. It is also an internationally recognized examining and awarding body for business students.

The Institute’s mission is to promote an innovative community of practice in business development through appraisals and self-assessments, best practices, certifications and benchmarking.

We envision that business analysis and development will enable the economic sector to be better positioned to face challenges. We also envision the capability modeling as the industry’s standard framework for how to achieve maturity in business development and be a leader in BD results.

We seek to be industry’s preferred source for measuring BD capability and setting the path toward innovation and organizational transformation.


Representation & Co-ordination

The Institute of Business Development is the Professional Body for Business Development professionals in Nigeria. It is the public face of learned professionals, which represents the interests of its members within Government, the business community and the general public. Committed to maintaining the quality, integrity and high professional standard of practicing members, the Institute has established a Code of Conduct requiring the development and review of professional Standards.

Ethics & Conduct

A disciplinary process has been established to enforce adherence to this Code and Standards. In addition to these controls, the Institute fosters growth within the profession by contributing to the education of aspiring persons and continued development of members. The Institute is a member of African Business Roundtable, Business Council of Africa and West African Business Association.


Research Promotion

To promote research on Business Development, and contribute to and inform debate on public policy, by organizing lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Professional Education

To provide pre-qualification and continuing Professional Education and creating forums for discussions about contemporary and relevant issues.

Tuition & Examination

To provide tuition and examination facilities for qualifications embracing all aspects of the law and practice relating to Business Development and Strategy.


Licensing & Training

The Institute issues Practicing Licenses to the following practitioners:
Business Development Service Providers Consultants
Business Development Analysts, Advisers and Planners
Business Development Modeling
Business Development Project Consultants

Faculty & Appraisals

The Institute has a core faculty for the Education and training of BD Professionals and Providing appraisals are one of the Institute’s primary services it provides an opportunity for adopters to receive expert, independent feedback on the maturity of their business development operation. And “mature capability” equates to increased revenue and profitability.



  • No Designatory Initials
  • Entry level
  • No Voting Rights


  • FBDI Initials
  • 10 Years Experience
  • Voting Rights